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Revamp Your Resume!

It is not all about how it looks or what it says. It’s about BOTH.

A lot of times, people focus on the design of their resumes that they forgot the most important thing: showcasing your accomplishments. I know a lot of people in the creative industry who are guilty of this — designing their resume so much so that the content falls short of the recruiter’s expectations. Some however, focus too much on the content that they completely ignore the presentation — making it not very interesting to even look at (I used to be guilty of this).

Hiring managers and recruiters go through piles and piles of resumes on a daily basis. Research has shown that an average recruiter spends only about 6 seconds looking at your resume before deciding if you’re a good fit. Geeky Kat can pimp your resume by highlighting accomplishments and results, showcasing career progression and making it look fabulous to look at! This results to a great resume that would want the hiring manager to bring you in for that much-wanted interview!

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