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My name is Kat, and I’m a self-confessed Internet geek. I came from the slasher generation (people who have multiple jobs and are very proud to have a multifaceted work identity) and I definitely LOVE my chosen career path. That being said — my skills arsenal include: customer success, technical support, Internet marketing, SEO and project management. I am also a certified desktop and notebook systems expert, a retired gamer, a bookworm, and a travel buff. Among other things that I do though, I love blogging the most.

Geeky Kat is focused on creating career and personal development content for the slasher millennials, with topics about travel and home-based lifestyle every once in a while. Writing is my passion and I believe that expressing my thoughts through written words is my strongest suit.

I only write for pleasure but just in case you want to contact me for product reviews, event invitations, virtual assistance jobs and/or technical consultations, you can view my resume here and email me here.

Thank you!

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