On Having a ‘Slasher’ Career

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“What do you do for a living?”

If you do not have a single word answer to that question, then you belong to the slasher generation.

The term ‘slash career‘ was first coined by author Marci Alboher in the 2000s, referring to people who have multiple careers/passions and actually enjoying it.

A slasher is a person who has a combination of usually a full-time job and a side-hustle, a handful of freelance gigs, or several part-time hustles. For example: chef/lawyer/photographer. While the term maybe fairly new to some, we all know that these people exist in our social circle and we (yes, we!!!) are growing exponentially.

Why do people do this?

1. To earn additional income. Especially when the salary in your primary job just doesn’t cut it anymore.

2. As a safety net. So that when you lose one job, you’re not screwed as you still have a another one to finance your needs.

3. To fulfil your passion. A lot of people don’t really “enjoy” their main jobs, and since they cannot afford to choose their passion over a high-paying salary, they start a “passion project” as their side hustle.

Thanks to the Internet, it has become increasingly easy nowadays to start a side-hustle (I cannot imagine not having one anymore!). Millennials are the first post-Internet generation and a lot of us acknowledge the wide array of career opportunities it can give us. I mean, who needs a degree in coding when you can build your portfolio through free online tutorials? And who needs a diploma in ecommerce when you can actually learn the ropes by simply becoming a virtual assistant in an ecommerce company?

I have been a slasher since 2012. Along with my full-time work as a customer success manager, I also do project management, ecommerce marketing, front-end development, SEO and of course blogging. Currently, I am also learning to become a financial advisor and my small dotcom startup is in the works. I love the variety of what I do, and everyday is a learning experience for me. My skills now will not have grown to what it is today if not for the side hustles that I had all these years. Slashing is about regaining control, building your personal brand and simply becoming anything you want to be.

Slashing is about regaining control, building your personal brand and simply becoming anything you want to be.

However, while it’s fun having a wide array of skillset and earn money from it, being a slasher is definitely a challenge and may not be for everyone. It takes a great deal time management and organization. When I was working in an 8×5 office job, I remember not being able to join the after-work drinks with my colleagues because I had to head home pronto for my side-hustle. I experienced plenty of sleepless nights and countless cups of coffee just to finish a certain project. Whatever your motivation is, being a slasher takes hardwork, dedication, and a whole lot discipline to succeed.

Do you want to be one of us? Prepare using the checklist below:

✓ Do a self-assessment. Check how much extra time you can dedicate for a side-hustle.
✓ Check with your current employer for possible conflicts of interest. Some full-time employers do not allow their employees to have side-hustles, it is always best to be upfront about this with your boss.
✓ Always have a main source of income. Any slasher would tell you that among all their jobs, there will always be one which is their bread and butter.
✓ Set aside an emergency fund. Just in case things go south and don’t turn out as planned, at least you are covered.
✓ Update your resume. Fresh grad? See here for tips.
Browse for jobs and find your side-hustle. Goodluck!

Are you a slasher? How does it work for you so far? Please comment below as I’d love to hear from you!


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