B&Soap Scadi White Pack Review

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B&Soap Scadi White Pack Review

As you may have read in my previous post, I have recently fallen in love with Korean makeup and skincare. And right now I have a mountain of Korean goodies and decided to write about the items that I swear would benefit the rest of you geek girls out there.

Now before I begin, let me put it out there that I am not a beauty blogger. I do not like experimenting with beauty products mainly because I am not blessed with great skin (hello uneven skintone). It just so happens that I do not have sensitive skin and k-beauty amazes me and I thought they are worth writing about.

Anyway, my first review is the B&Soap Scadi White Pack that I got from Althea for 550php.

Suggested Usage : 
Apply to cleansed & dry skin, use spatula or hand avoiding the eye and lip area
Leave on for 5 – 10 mins and rinse with tepid water
Can be used twice or thrice a week


B&Soap Scadi White Pack Open
The spatula is a bit small and the product is a bit hard to even out on the face so if you can get a face brush that would be better.


Bulaga. LOL

Bulaga. LOL

The Scadi White Pack is a skin-brightening wash-off pack that effectively whitens and moisturizes the skin. It is soft and moist, like a whipped cream, and uses natural ingredients making it safe for those with sensitive skin. They are also proudly eco-friendly and were not tested on animals!

Before & After:

B&Soap Scadi White Pack Before and After

I let the product sit for about 10-mins. As you can see my face is a lot brighter after washing it off. I am not sure if the whitening effect is long-lasting but I loved touching my face right after because it is super soft!


I am in-love with it! In just 10 mins my face was a lot smoother and brighter! As someone who doesn’t like to maintain a certain beauty regimen (again, not a beauty blogger), products like these are great for me because it effectively does the job in just a single usage. I guess that’s what I like in Korean skincare in general, you see and feel the results immediately — unlike some of the beauty products out there that costs thousands of pesos and you have to use it for two months or so to feel the difference.

Check it out at ph.althea.kr.


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