Top 3 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

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Business Cards for Freelancers

Working in the dotcom industry, I am aware how most (if not all) can now be done digitally. From selling goods to attending seminars and workshops to even studying to get a college degree.

And while this is the case, it may be surprising to think that the old school business card is still important for people both in the corporate and in the startup scene. For some reason, the Internet hasn’t found a way to replace this nifty little card and it looks like it isn’t going away anytime soon. Here’s why:

1. It shows professionalism

Having a business card handy leaves the impression that you are serious about your business. Whenever you are out even just for a dinner, you don’t know who you may be bumping into so it is good to always be prepared. Exchanging numbers via mobile phone is good, but we all know how people constantly change numbers and not everyone carry their mobile phone all the time. Keep in mind that everywhere you go is an opportunity to expand your network.

2. It’s more personal

I’ve attended blogger and startup events recently and nothing beats meeting business prospects in person and exchanging business cards to the person that you’ve created a connection with. It leaves a good memory on both parties therefore increasing the chances of connecting again with that person.

3. It attracts attention

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how nice my business card is which makes me more thrilled to always hand them out whenever I get the chance. Remember that your business prospect leaves with your card which is a reflection of you and your brand, so make sure it looks good and 100% YOU.

Meeting someone in person only to look down on your phone and start tapping can seem rude and disconnected. It is always better to smile, make eye contact, and focus on making a conversation with that person. Sure, technology is great — but not everyone you meet are comfortable with it. And while there are lots of information sharing apps out there, business cards already use one of the best tools known to man: your hands. So until we actually can look someone in the eye to share information, you’re better off using business cards to promote you and your business.

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