When in Japan: Dotonbori, Nara & Kyoto

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I’ve been wanting to go to Japan since forever and I finally got to do it this year! My friend/travel blogger Kim and I booked our ticket in November and got our accommodations via Airbnb. Anyway, here’s a photo diary of the first two days of our trip!


Literally on CLOUD NINE!!! And look at the waters surrounding Narita, I got a little excited bec I thought I’ll finally see some snow in this trip (I didn’t).

Upon landing in Narita Airport, we immediately went to Uniqlo to buy warmers bec I didn’t have any and I was told that clothes in Uniqlo Japan is so much cheaper than the ones in Manila. So if you are going to Japan during winter and you do not have any winter clothes, do not buy brand new winter clothes here in Manila — just get them in Japan coz it’s so much cheaper!

shinkansen train

So after a quick shopping at the airport we immediately boarded the Shinkansen bullet train to Osaka since we will be spending our first three days there. We used the 7-day unlimited JR Pass for our entire trip and I must say nasulit namin siya ng bongga! For roughly 12k pesos, we were able to use it for all our train rides including the bullet train! To give you an idea, a single trip from Tokyo to Osaka is already 14,500 yen (or 6k pesos).  Do note though that not all trains honor the JR Pass, so if you are going to buy one, make sure to create your itinerary with that in mind! My amazing travel buddy Kim planned everything to make sure that all our destinations are JR Pass-friendly. 🙂

fukishima airbnb

Our home in Osaka for the next three days! Click here for its listing in Airbnb.com.

2 Chome-10 Fukushima 703
Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 553-0003, Japan

First stop! Dotonbori. We just strolled around the area and had dinner. This place is the food destination for tourists in Osaka so it was a bit crowded. Didn’t stay long because we are super tired (over 12 hours of travel!) so we just took a bunch of pictures and went home to rest.



Our Day 2 was supposedly USJ and we agreed to wake up super early and be there by 7am. Needless to say, we woke up at 9am. HAHAHAHA. So we just decided to do our Day 3 itinerary instead which is Nara and Kyoto.

Train to Nara

Off to Nara! The one thing that I immediately noticed when I first rode Japan’s public transport is that they are so clean and the people are so well-behaved. Walang nagtutulakan, everybody falls in line properly, and no one eats or talks loudly. I can’t help but imagine this train being in the Philippines — probably full of vandals and the seats are most likely torn and dirty. “Need txtm8? 0917-xxx-xxxx” Lels.

Nara Park Day Pass

Nara Park Day Pass

So upon reaching the JR Nara Station, there is a tourist information center not too far away so we immediately went there to ask for directions on how to go to Nara Park. We were told to take a bus which costs 220 yen. We were offered to get a 1-day unlimited bus ticket so we can tour the area without any hassle. And because we are too lazy to walk and scared of paying for multiple trips (it took us two hours to reach Nara btw, kasi naligaw kami ng MALALA, hahaha) — we purchased the ticket for 500 yen.


Nara Deer Park

There are about a hundred tame and not-so-tame deers surrounding the area. We had so much fun bonding with them and watching the other tourists get chased by aggressive deers because they are holding deer food. I kept bowing at them repeatedly and they respond by bowing to me too! Ang cute! Admission is free, and you can purchase biscuits for 150 yen if you’d like to feed them.

Deer Food


Don’t let the sunshine fool you, it’s freakin 5 degrees out there!!!

Here you go sweetie.

Here you go sweetie.

Wait wala nakong biscuits!

Wait wala nakong biscuits!

Leave me alone jeezzz

Leave me alone jeezzz

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple

OMG I miss this. :(

HUHU I miss this. 🙁

So after the deer experience, we set off to Kyoto and visit the Bamboo Grove. It was already late afternoon by then and we are trying to reach the place before sunset so we can take proper pictures.

Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Standing amid this tall stalks of bamboo is like being in another world. The photos just don’t do justice to this place. Sabi nga nila, see to appreciate. Hehe.

So that’s about it! Next stop — the WWoHP!!! 🙂

Note: Photos taken using Samsung NX3000 and iPhone 6s Plus.


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