Best Board Games for Family Road Trips

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Family road trips are supposed to be a time of bonding and fun but sometimes all you get is the dreaded awkward silence. (You know, because you can’t even agree on what music to play.) Well that’s no good, especially if you’re on a long-haul trip.

When you think about it, aside from eating, what other activity can your family enjoy as a whole? Games! But you’re tired of monopoly and game of life? Well, I have a few suggestions for you so your road trip won’t turn into one of those boring films:


$ 37.99

If you want a simple game that’s super fun, go with Pictionary. It comes with a pack of cards with words on them and you just have to draw whatever word is on the card you picked. Simple right? But the fun comes when you actually try to draw (and, sometimes, miserably fail) as your teammates have to use their imagination to guess what on earth it is. Oh, and you’re all under 1-minute time pressure. Pictionary is perfect for when you’re stuck in traffic or just trying to pass the time while driving on the freeway.

I Spy Eagle Eye



The goal is quite simple: find objects from the game board that matches those on the card you chose. Even little kids can do this while in the car’s backseat! Now you have a way to prevent any bickering among your young ones and enjoy several minutes of silence — which you will need especially when you’re the one driving.

Logo board game


Photo by Drumond Park

I can’t quite decide if it’s really a board game or a tool for companies to know how effective their brand retention strategies are. Anyway, Logo board game is all about guessing which brand is being pertained to in the clue you picked. There’s a good chance that your younger brother who’s always tuned in the television can beat you in this game. (But then again, mom has a vast wealth of consumer knowledge up her sleeve, too.)


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Now you can’t argue that your older brother has an unfair advantage over you because in this game, it’s a battle of visual perception. SET board game levels the playing field as it’s all about being the first to spot a set — three cards all with the same features or three cards that are all different from each other. Let me just say, it’s one challenging game.


 Photo by Walmart

With 16 letters and 3 minutes, you can go crazy forming all the words you can from adjacent letters, provided that you only use a letter once in a word. Just list all the words composed of at least 3 letters but make sure to find long ones because points are awarded based on length. Your competitive tendencies will surely come out in this word game as you try to outdo your family in coming up with unique words. That’s because if another player listed a word that’s the same as yours, both of you won’t get any point for it.


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