5 Filipino Startups to Watch Out For

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Running a traditional business is already difficult enough but starting one from scratch with a product that you’ve practically invented? How hard could it be, right? (Well, just ask Elon Musk of his startup experience with Tesla and SpaceX.)

Thankfully, the Philippines is not one to be outclassed when it comes to creative ideas and determination. It’s about time Filipino startups gain traction in the global scene, too.

So before the world goes wild with the products they have to offer, get to know these Filipino startups that are disrupting the traditional system with their innovative ideas that could very well be the next Facebook:

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting)

A lamp that can run on plain ocean water (or a glass of water with salt) for 8 hours? It’s the kind of product that you know would have a global impact — fast.

saltNot only is it sustainable but also very environment-friendly. It doesn’t even cause fire unlike the kerosene lamps we’re so used to in the rural areas. The SALt lamp even sports a USB port so, guess what, you can also charge your phones on it! No wonder it has won a lot of awards. This year alone, it has bagged 9 awards from various countries including the Asia Entrepreneurship Award , Product Startup of the Year (Top 3) and National Research Foundation TechVenture.

Developed by Engr. Aisa Mijeno, SALt is not only aiming to be a game-changing product, but also to make social impact by spearheading several social activities that will bring light to those who don’t have access to electricity.

Gift Launcher

Gift Launcher wants to make life easier for gift givers and receivers by building a tool that will take the awkwardness from the whole process.

giftlauncherSay, it’s your birthday/wedding soon but you naturally don’t want to solicit for gifts. Simply launch a gift campaign on their site and share it to friends and family online. Gift Launcher’s platform will manage the fund collection from your gift givers so you can easily redeem the pooled fund to your bank account at the given time. It works for raising funds for charity and travel, too!


Basically, it’s a talent marketplace like Jobstreet, only it offers job postings for free! Employers can even search for the employee database on Kalibrr without paying a cent. It only charges (Php 50) employers when they decide to communicate with an eligible candidate via Kalibrr’s own email and SMS platforms.


From a former Google employee, Paul Rivera, Kalibrr further sets itself apart with its matching algorithms that make the initial sifting process easier for hiring managers by automatically excluding unqualified applicants.

Nyfti Bikes


Most of us get stuck in traffic everyday so we complain. Carl Mamawal and Ingko Marfori III were frustrated with the traffic so they built Nyfti, a foldable bike.

Nyfti is a full-sized bicycle that can be folded into a mere 30cm-wide contraption that you can take with you anywhere. It features genius engineering design not only on its compact fold but also on the bonus roller wheels and rack.





Tactiles, the startup behind iQube, is envisioning a future where kids learn concepts of electronics through toys. Sounds fun — and actually plausible with their cool product that’s currently under crowdfunding.

iQube takes a playful approach to electronics by providing you with small blocks that you can connect magnetically, kinda like legos. Each block has a symbol on it to help you identify which are for input/output and which are the connector cubes to help you build a circuit. It comes with a companion app that gives instructions on how to build a project using a certain number of blocks.

So, are you excited for these great innovations to go big and international? I am! Have a great weekend geeks! 😀


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