Wrong Job or a Wrong Career? Here’s How to Tell.

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Your friends or family may scoff at you and tell you you’re being too picky, but you know better — you know that life’s too short for you to be miserable in your job.

Does your career fit your personality, strengths and interests? As a decent human being, you will inevitably spend most of your lifetime working so it only makes sense that you don’t waste it in something that doesn’t help you grow.

Maybe you are already seeing signs that the career you have right now is not really for you, but you still want a sort of validation that you’re not just a lazy person who gets easily bored. (Or maybe you want to show a proof to your parents that you’re not making this up.)

Fortunately for you, I’ve got the following so you can do a self-check and decide if you need a switch soon:

You don’t like your job to be the topic of conversation

It’s an obvious sign that a person is not in a career suitable for him if he does not like to talk about what he does. He’ll deftly change topics or ask you about yours instead. At most, he will say something generic about his work and because you have enough sense not to push him, you’ll be forced to let it drop. On the other hand, someone who’s in his element will proudly tell you all about his job — his enthusiasm will be contagious.

You can’t wait to go home

1.) You just got to your desk but you’re already watching the clock closely, willing it to move quickly to coffee break.
2.) You have a running countdown to the next non-working holiday on your calendar.
3.) You need to stop working 30 minutes before 5pm because you want to clean up your workstation and prepare your stuff.

Seriously? If those will not tip you off that you’re not in the right career, I don’t know what will.

It’s really sad when the only thing that motivates you to go to work each day is the fear that you won’t be able to survive otherwise. But if you’re someone who loves his career, it won’t even matter if you don’t get paid because you’re enjoying the sheer act of doing it.

You try hard but still can’t seem to excel

Okay, maybe you do like your job. But for some reason, it looks like it doesn’t like you back. Because no matter how hard you try, your work always only comes up to the average level. You know that you’ve exerted your best efforts in that project (no sleep, all coffee) but it still looked mediocre compared to the version that your colleague has submitted (he did not even break a sweat!).

If you’re one of those who live by the YOLO philosophy, then isn’t it a waste to spend most of it in a job that doesn’t suit you? A fish, meant to thrive in water, won’t be excellent in flying like birds are. And the sooner the fish realizes it needs to be in the water and not out there over the sky, the better off it will be.


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