On Dealing With A Job You Hate

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You barely sipped your morning coffee because you’re trying to avoid the morning rush on the road. But of course you got stuck in traffic anyway. So far, it’s been a rotten day.

Too bad then that you’re braving all of that for a job that you actually hate.

But even if you don’t like your job, you don’t have to change careers right away. A change in attitude could be all you need. (After all, it’s not that easy to find another job these days.) Give the following a try first and see if they could work out for you:

Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking

It’s not just some psychology trick, optimism really works. Find an aspect of your job that you’re thankful for and use that to put yourself into a positive mood. If focusing on the great food in your cafeteria will help you get through the day, then do it as a sort of motivation. At least there’s something nice to look forward to everyday.

And if it’s any consolation, you may want to remember that you have a job.

Jazz up your workstation

Make your own space in the office a happy place by surrounding yourself with your favorite superhero merchandise or anime posters. A white wall or a plain desk is boring as it is so trick your body into thinking that it’s your own haven by personalizing it. Bring in small potted flowers, picture frames or whetever else you want to put on your desk. Then, complete the cozy atmosphere by jamming your headphones on. Just don’t get too carried away in the moment that you’ll go ahead and watch Agents of SHIELD.

Make friends

They say that it’s the people that makes a place. So maybe you need to develop a good relationship with your co-workers for your workplace to become more bearable.

Keep your eyes on your long-term goals

Anything can become tolerable when you know that you’re doing it as a means to an end, which in this case, is your goal in life. Think of that job as a necessary stepping stone towards your dream of becoming a company president, for example.

Reward yourself

After a long day’s work, treat yourself to your favorite latte or have some alone time with a book or maybe hit the theaters. If you’re the outgoing type, reward yourself by dining out with friends and just enjoy their company. Well, basically, have fun. But not at the expense of your co-workers. I know messing up with your officemate’s workstation totally counts as fun but it’s the kind that only guarantees more problems in the future.

Learn as much as you can

Since you’re already there, why not learn as much as you can while you’re at it? Instead of always lamenting how you don’t like the work, use your time there to learn new things and be productive. View this as an opportunity to develop skills — like patience, professionalism and discipline — that will come in handy in reaching your ultimate dream in life.



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