Christmas Gift Ideas for Tech Geeks

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We all have someone on our list who will be absolutely delighted to unwrap a cool gadget for Christmas. But aside from Raspberry Pi Zero, what else could you think of that would make them actually appreciate your gift?

I know it’s not really what to give them that’s giving you a headache but which one among the thousands of choices would be perfect. Good thing I’ve rounded up these 5 gift ideas for our adorable geek friends:

Echo Smartpen

We already have a smartphone, a smart watch and a smart TV so why not a smartpen, right? Livescribe has done a great job in Echo with its sleek design and feature-packed device. It’s basically a pen (with a replaceable ink tip) that can function as a recorder. But get this: it doesn’t only record audio but also what you write as notes! You can connect it to a computer and see what you’ve written using the smartpen as digital notes. You can even edit, search and share your notes like a normal Word document. Playing back audio is also not a problem with its built-in speaker and a standard audio jack. You can even store up to 2GB worth of recordings — that’s up to 200 hours of audio!

Logitech Multi-device Keyboard

This is for your dad who’s having a hard time typing an email on the tiny onscreen keyboard of his smartphone. It’s basically a small wireless keyboard that can connect to a computer, tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth, regardless of OS. Switching between devices is as effortless as turning a dial.

Polaroid Zip

It’s like a throwback to the instant picture print that made the Polaroid a household name way way back. Now you can instantly print your selfies using Zip (ZINK Instant Photoprinter), a cool portable printer that works through Zero-ink technology. Instead of an ink, it uses a special paper with dye crystals that form images on it when heat is applied. It works on smartphones and tablets as long as they have installed a Zip app.

Another handy printer is one from Zuta that’s basically a mini robotic printer that connects to your device via WiFi. It’s perfect for printing on-the-go because it can print on any size of paper, anywhere.

Samsung Gear VR

For your gaming junkie of a brother, there’s the Samsung Gear VR which is powered by Oculus Rift. If all the hype is to be believed, you can have a more immersive movie experience and gameplay with this virtual reality headset. But as it’s not very pocket-friendly, you may want to opt for its cheaper counterpart, Google Cardboard.

Fluxmob Bolt

It’s a wall charger and a battery backup in one — perfect for your sister who’s constantly connected to her phone/tablet. Its most recent model can power up to 2 devices at the same time. It also boasts of lightning fast charging time with a speed that’s four times that of a normal USB port. But the best part is it’s very handy; it literally fits on your palm.


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