Productivity Apps for Freelancers

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We’re all about apps these days aren’t we?

From the very basic word processors to the most sophisticated 3D augmented reality apps, one could truly say that “There’s an app for that!”. And as a freelancer, I could honestly tell you that this is a great time to be one. There are literally thousands of apps within our reach that could help us be productive and beat that dreaded deadline.

So despite my belief that nothing beats good ol’ hard work and intelligence in getting a task done, I’ll concede that a little help from these productivity apps won’t hurt:

Microsoft Outlook


A robust email app that’s capable of performing email-related tasks, Outlook will easily let you send that file to your boss right from your phone. Scheduling meetings, downloading/sending attachments and searching for emails can be done just as fast. It works with Gmail and Yahoo accounts so no worries even if you don’t have a Microsoft email.

Bonus: Features of the popular calendar-app Sunrise, which has been acquired by Microsoft earlier this year, is going to be merged with Outlook app. Yay!


IMG_5408 IMG_5409

Essentially a virtual notebook, Evernote lets you keep snippets of texts, to-do lists, images, webpages and a voice memo, all in a neat and organized interface. Grab anything from the web and save it into your notebook where you can annotate, search and organize them any way you want. Works across all platforms so all manners of note-taking you require will be a breeze to share and sync.

And because I tend to easily forget a lot of things, I use this everyday for all of my clients.


ifappFormerly known as IFTTT (IF This, Then That), this app allows you to automate small tasks that you would otherwise do repeatedly. For instance, you want to save all the photos that your Facebook friends tagged you in. All you have to do is set a trigger (a friend tags you in a photo) and a corresponding action (save to your cloud storage account). IF supports a slew of online services, from Facebook to SoundCloud to Nest that you can use as components for your recipes (automated processes).


Is there anybody else who still doesn’t use Dropbox? Cloud storage is my life — literally couldn’t function without it!!! I love Dropbox because it works like I have an additional drive on all of my computers. I have three laptops (2 Windows, 1 Mac) that I use alternately and it is AMAZING to continue with my work using any laptop I decide to use! If you have a Mac like me who have low disk storage then a premium Dropbox would be super perfect. For about 400 bucks a month you get 1TB cloud storage, no need for an external hard drive that you need to plug every time you need to access some files.


Personally, I find its former name a lot cooler: Read it Later. Originally created as a browser extension, it has since evolved into a very useful and popular app across all devices. When Google Reader got phased out, I was devastated bec I love having things to read during breaks at work. Pocket is the rehashed version of Google Reader, with much cooler features. For freelancers like me who had a lot during the day, Pocket is a form of stress-reliever that you can read before you go to bed.

So there it is for me! How about you, what are your must-have productivity apps? Share them by hitting the comments below!


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