Why You Should Start a Blog

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There comes a time in our lives when a one-liner and a bunch of hashtags just aren’t enough.

You know, when you want to be able to post something that’s more than 140-character long because you have this desperate need to share in detail what you had for breakfast. That’s when you realize you need a whole site all by yourself.

I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now, long before these Tumblr kids knew what masturbating was, and when a blog still meant like an online diary for a teenage girl to pour all their teenage angst for the whole world to see. And while I cringe when I read the things I’ve blogged about during my teenage years, it is nice to have a little memento of what ran through my head when I was 16.

I do believe that blogging is actually for everyone. And I HIGHLY encourage you that you start one if you haven’t yet! Here’s why:

1. You can finally publish those scraps of random writings you have lying around

You got inspired by that stunning sunset? Write a poem about it. Got a funny experience that you just can’t forget? Write an anecdote. But those are basically useless if you just stick them inside your desk drawer. You never know who you’re going to inspire with your writing. Blogging is an ideal way to get those works out for the world to see. It’s easy, free and does not come with an editor breathing down your neck.

2. You can rant/rave to your heart’s content

Any crappy incident can gain traction online with this golden rule — the worse, the better. So the next time some fast food joint served you a burger with roach, you can tell us all about it on your blog. On the other hand, a blog is also a perfect way to laud someone’s random act of kindness that really got to you. (A good venue to rave about a superb pizza place, too!) A blog basically works both ways; just keep in mind that since it’s a public venue, you have to be responsible for anything that you publish.

3. You can monetize your blog and earn money

Nuffnang, Google Adsense, and several affiliate programs make it super easy now to earn extra money on blogs. All you have to do is add them on your blog, post interesting content to generate traffic and start cashing in!

4. You can get freebies and special treatment

One of the great perks of being a blogger is that you often get an opportunity to review a brand’s product and get freebies in return. It’s even more awesome if you’re a great travel or food blogger because you could be offered to try a service/product in exchange for a review. I have used my blogger status several times when traveling — when I mention to the hotel receptionist that I’m a blogger and would like to take photos of their facilities, I instantly get either a discount, a room upgrade, or simply just an exceptional service! Take it from me, business owners know better than to piss off a blogger. 😉

5. You can get career offers

It’s not unheard of for bloggers to get job offers from their writing exploits. Employers are more Internet-oriented nowadays and “Google” potential recruits. One of my favorite bloggers, Dawn Meehan, got famous and eventually got a book deal through her hilarious blog. Fashion bloggers get paid sponsors to wear free clothes, food bloggers get hired as a full-time chef of a restaurant, tech bloggers get a deal with IT firms, etc. The opportunities are endless!

Blogging is never meant just for writers. Whether you are a musician, an IT geek (like me!), or a student — as long as you have something to share — you can open yourself into a world of huge opportunities you can get through blogging. And who doesn’t have something to share? 🙂


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