New Harry Potter House-Themed Covers!

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harry potter covers

Calling all Potterheads!

Juniper Books has released a newly-redesigned Harry Potter Book Set and it’s making me ECSTATIC because I can’t wait to have it!

If you are a Potterhead, I am pretty sure you know what house you belong in — whether you it found out from Pottermore or you just know it by heart. I always knew I am a Ravenclaw (for my intelligence and wit!) that’s why it was not a surprise when Pottermore agreed with me.

My HP book set was destroyed during one of the typhoons 2 years ago (along with my Sweet Valley and Goosebumps collection, huhuhu!) so I am really looking to buy another set. I am so glad I waited because this is PERFECT.

Anyway, here’s a closer look at these amazing collections:

Naturally, the Gryffindor set comes in gorgeous red and gold cover, with an impressively intricate design. This is totally Hermione, don’t you think??

The Slytherin set comes in Green and Silver and has a more minimalistic design. I can picture Draco Malfoy lugging  2-3 of these books, looking mysterious and obviously up to something!

Hufflepuff sports a Yellow and Black cover with a badger on it. While it is commonly the least favorite of all the houses, I actually have a soft spot for this house especially in Book 4 when honest and loyal Cedric Diggory died in the hands of Lord Voldemort.
Last but not the least, my house Ravenclaw. It comes in Blue and Bronze with stars all over it. I love how it looks elegant — definitely perfect for the type of personality Ravenclaw attracts. Can you picture the bizarre but quirky Luna Lovegood carrying these books? 🙂
Just like the other hard-bound Harry Potter book sets, the books come in a traveling trunk made of cardboard. The covers are also made of tear and water-resistant paper so it’s bound to last for a very very long time!
The only downside is that a set costs $275 + $100+ shipping fee, which translates to a whopping 17,000php!!!
But if you have the money to burn and a pure-blood Potterhead, then go ahead and order before the stocks run out of stock!!!

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