Dress Up & Protect Your Macbook!

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Hello geeks!

Just a quick photodump of my newest purchase for my baby: Macbook Case Set in Tiffany Blue from @iluvmacshop! The owner, Justin, is a very accommodating seller. He answered all my questions patiently (couldn’t decide on the color!!) and wasn’t too pushy. Also hats off to their courier of choice — Fastrack. I got the items less than 24 hours after I paid the item and the delivery guy is very cheerful and nice! I think I am going to use them if I ship something in the future!


Isn’t she lovely?? I initially thought the case is soft jelly — but it was actually hard plastic in matte finish which is better.

The back cover has dents in it. Not sure what it’s for though since the Mac doesn’t have air dents at the bottom.
Dustplugs. I chose the clear one since they don’t have it in Tiffany Blue.


The keyboard cover is really thin and has a matte finish. To be honest I am not really a fan of keyboard covers as it makes me a little slow in typing. Typing on a bare Mac keyboard is more satisfying to me so I just use the cover when I’m not using it.
As we all know, Apple cables kinda suck as they get dirty and broken easily so I make it a habit to use cord protectors for my new cables. My brother bought a baby blue cord protector so it matches the case. I think it costs 10 bucks per piece and he was able to use four (yes, I don’t know how to do this, hahaha). Love it!


I know it sounds materialistic — but SOBRANG GANDA TALAGA NYA, hahaha! I work so hard everyday and who says I couldn’t grind in style?? 🙂


If you’ve got a Mac and want to pimp it for a fresh new look, check out @iluvmacshop as they sell a variety of items dedicated for Apple geeks!



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