Asus ZenPower vs Mi Power Bank

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I have been a fan of Xiaomi products ever since its flagship device, the Mi 3 — hit the Philippine market last July 2014. I like the simplicity of its devices and reminded me of Apple (just a whole lot cheaper!). Because of this, I currently own three Xiaomi products and one of which is the Mi Powerbank.

But when the Asus ZenPower hit the stores few months ago, I fell instantly in-love with its design (look how cute and portable it is!) and eagerly bought one even though I already have my Mi. Obviously, pitting them against each other is not very fair considering the Mi has considerably more juice than the ZenPower — but since their price is very close to each other, I wanted to do a comparison to give you an idea which powerbank is best for you.

So here is my personal comparison between this two powerbanks and who won my heart overall.


With 350mAh more, Mi is understandably bigger and heavier compared to ZenPower w/ 10050mAh. Mi already released a 1000mAh version but is sadly not yet available in the Philippines. That version would actually be a better comparison to the ZenPower, but I digress.

Considering its capacity, Asus ZenPower is compact, small and easy to carry. Can’t help but notice though how its overall design resembled Xiaomi’s offering — including its build (both aluminum and curved edges).



Both powerbanks sport a large, easy to press power button with 4 LED indicators that tell you how much juice is left in the tank. The standard micro USB for charging the powerbank and USB 2.0 output for charging your device are also neatly placed on top.



Charging time for Mi took me 13 hours from drain to full-battery, while ZenPower took only 8 hours. In terms of usage, Mi was able to charge my iPhone 5s about 4x while ZenPower was able to do it only 3.5x.


With both devices close to 800php (849php for Mi and 795php for ZenPower),  it’s an EXTREMELY close fight between the two. But for the purpose of this review — I am leaning a little bit more on the Asus ZenPower mainly because it is cheaper, more compact and performs very close to the Mi. Powerbanks generally are meant to be portable so the smaller and more heavy-duty it is, the better! Plus, the wide array of colors to choose from makes it suitable for the geek chics and dudes out there!



  • abigail ong


    xiaomi is quite big! too heavy to lug around

  • Kat Antonio


    Yep that's true! They have a 1000mAh model though that is that same size as the ZenPower but it's not available in PH!

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