The Perks of Working from Home

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When I first went freelance and started working from home, it presented a number of unique set of challenges. Mainly because I’ve worked in the corporate world all my life and working in the confines of my bedroom was harder than I thought. However, it didn’t take me long before I really appreciated my working situations since the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

Because August is announced as the National Home Business Month in the U.S. (the top source of work from home opportunities), here are my top 20 reasons why I love working from home and would never want to trade my work-at-home status for anything.

1. I don’t have to drive nor commute.
Ah, the best and main reason for most. Traffic in Metro Manila is getting worse and telecommuters aren’t affected much by traffic and floods during rainy season!

2. I am more productive.
Not having chatty seatmates especially when you’re in the zone definitely accomplishes a lot!

3. Flexible working hours.
I make my hours and can always find time to get things done, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

4. I don’t have to deal with company firewalls.
I’ve always hated Internet censorship in the workplace not because I want to slack off during productivity time but because I felt like a kid being told what I can and cannot do.

5. I eat healthier.
No more daily fastfood!

6. I don’t have to worry about “big brother” watching over my shoulder.
No more CCTVs trying to catch you do non-work related stuff.

7. I can use whatever OS, platforms and software I want to get things done.
Using company-provided laptops suck because you are restricted to only use company-installed software.

8. No office politics.
Well, for the most part.

9. No dresscode.
I can be on my PJ’s all day everyday, baby! (But I don’t. Just nice to have that option, hehe)

10. I am in complete control of my income.
I get to decide how I want to earn by taking on less or more freelance projects depending on my bandwidth.

11.  Some days can be really challenging, and I love every minute of it.
There are times when I get stuck at a certain task not knowing what to do and then eventually figuring it all out myself. I feel proud knowing that I can handle things on my own w/o having to tap my boss every time I encounter some issues.

12. I have more time for my blog.
I feel guilty for neglecting my blog every so often when I get so busy with work. At least now I can write more and work on my blog bec again, I can now control my time.

13. I can schedule downtime, days off and vacation when it’s convenient for me.
I don’t have to follow strict attendance policies and can now plan my annual travel (something I always look forward to!).

14. I have more time to get actively involved in networking, workshops and other professional development activities.
I’ve always wanted to attend digital marketing seminars and workshops and now I am finally able to.

15. It’s easier to schedule personal and household appointments during the day without losing out on work time.
I don’t need to go on leave when I need to go to SSS or BIR. I can maximize my time and squeeze in chores in between work breaks.

16. When I need to work from somewhere else, I can take my office with me.
I can go to the beach and still be able to get things done.

17. I can watch my favorite teleseryes!
I can finally relate to my friends reacting on Facebook whenever Amor Powers and Claudia Buenavista deliver their quotable quotes at each other, LOL.

18. Tax advantages.
Because I pay my own tax, I can deduct some of the house’s operating expenses as business expenses. Saves money!

19. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about business and personal finances and financial planning.
I still have a long way to go in terms of financial freedom but working from home has allowed me to learn a lot about budgeting and managing my expenses.

20. I am fulfilling my dream.
I’m fulfilling every dream I’ve ever had in terms of work success and actually being in the industry that I’ve always want to be in.

So what about you, what are your favorite perks of working from home?


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