Geek Finds #4

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geek finds

The following gadgets will make you wish you have enough moolah to get them all!

Meet this month’s wish list of Geeky KAT:

1. Canon EOS 100D – Dubbed as the world’s smallest and lightest DLSR to date, the Canon EOS 100D measures just 117×91 x 69mm and weighs only 407g. Despite its small size, this new Canon device has the same 18-megapixel CMOS sensor and most of the same manual controls as the semi-professional, comparatively obese EOS 600D. What I love most about this camera is that it has an enhanced creative mode which throws on several awesome photographic training wheels, as well as some Instagram-esque filter effects. I am no expert on photography but this one is getting rave reviews on several photography websites so this should definitely be good.

2. LG Pocket Photo Smart – While printing photos are already not very common these days, sometimes I still want certain pictures from my phone or camera printed so I can display it on my bedroom wall. While polaroids are a good option, some brands don’t have lasting ink which will make the picture fade after some time. Anyway, LG has launched this pocket printer which allows any Android or iOS user to print photos from their phone, straight to the machine. The pictures are 2x3inch in size, and is ideal for capturing memories as you travel the world. What I love most about this device is that it requires absolutely no ink cartridges. Instead, you load the printer with paper from Zink, a company that creates special paper with the color built-in. As the paper is heated up by the Pocket Photo Smart, it activates the color embedded within the paper. Genious.

3. Blackberry Q10 – While I probably will stay Android for a while, I will always have a soft spot for Blackberry. When the Z10 was released, I like the BB10 OS but I am not a fan of  touch screen Blackberry. Blackberry’s best asset is (for me) is its mobile keyboard and touchscreens just don’t appeal to me. Now that I have a touchscreen phone, I badly miss typing on QWERTY keys. Blackberry phones have hands down the best set of keypads ever to grace a mobile device.  If only I have the money, I’d probably get this as a spare phone.

4. Samsung Series 7 Chronos – Okay so I literally drooled upon seeing this machine. 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 quadcore, 8GB RAM ATI Radeon GPU, backlit keyboard — not to mention it is insanely beautiful! A combination and class and professionalism. Working on this laptop will definitely make me feel like I am CEO of  Geeky KAT Inc.

5. LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV – One of my dreams once I settle down and get my own house is to have an entertainment room with this huge-ass TV so my family can watch movies just like it’s supposed to be seen. This giant HDTV from LG packs in a staggering 8 million pixels per frame, with a Magic Remote 2.0 which opens up to a world of over 1,400 apps that you can ‘install’ and use on the tv. It also has a 3D Sound Zooming system which intelligently analyzes where an object is in the screen and gives the illusion of distance. The only thing sad about this is its price tag — a whopping $22,000 a piece.

If one of these shows up on my doorstep for my birthday two weeks from now, I’d be a one very happy geek. 🙂

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