Geek Finds #3

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geek finds

Here are my top finds this week. Oh I wish I have all these!!!

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Privacy Screen Protector – I have always wanted a privacy filter for my phone. Being that my phone is huge and that I commute to and from work everyday, having a privacy filter protects my phone away from the snoopy person beside me. Hokkoh sells this for only P155.

2. Pucs Rechargeable Ice – Okay so how cool is this? This ‘rechargeable ice’ allows your drink to cool without having it diluted in unwanted water.  I am sure that everyone has their favorite chilled drink, be it liquor, a soda or juice. But when it comes to making sure that they end up chilled with ice cubes, eventually, the ice cubes will melt, and whatever you have in your glass will be watered down. And this affects the taste of your drink, unless your poison of choice would be mineral water. From startup company Onehundred.

3. Intex Café Loveseat – I am moving soon so I was browsing for room design ideas when I saw this. I am so in-love with the design of this couch, but it is inflatable and I am looking for something that is not. Anyway, the design is very pretty — looks comfy & girly, so me! Costs P7,142 from

4. Seiko Astron Solar GPS Watch – A watch that automatically adjusts itself depending on the timezone of your current location? How cool is that? This is perfect for travelers who is irritated by the need to constantly adjust their watches whenever they go out of the country. Not sure if this works on DST in America though. I also love to wear men’s watch rather than the fancy gold-plated ones so this one’s perfect for me. The price? It’s being sold on Amazon for a whopping $1,850. Sweet.

5. Ironman 3 USB drive Collector’s Item – This is very similar to the one I  recently gave away to a lucky reader and I was surprised to see this on Hokkoh currently for pre-order. I am not exactly a Marvel fan, but this will certainly look cool in my collection of usb flash drives. Licensed by Marvel, this gadget just proves that you don’t have to be a rich, genius, playboy, billionaire philanthropist to give your data super protection and transfer speeds. Get it at Hokkoh for P2,075 at 16gb and P1,475 at 8gb.

So, there you have it. Till my next geek finds guys! 🙂


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