Geek Finds #2

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geek finds

Here’s a round-up of this week’s geek finds:

1. Portable Paper Shredder – I love this quirky device from Japanese store Muji as it allows me to shred documents without leaving my office desk. Don’t you just hate it sometimes wherein you have to walk several feet away just to shred a couple of papers? I know, I am lazy like that.. But think about it, whatever incriminating document that you want to get rid of discreetly can be done by this nifty little device. Handy, eh?


2. Samsung Galay S4 – In just a few hours, the much-awaited smartphone is going to be unveiled and I am very excited to learn more about it. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and this can be my next phone if the specs and design impress me. The rumored octa-core processor is very hard to dismiss that’s why I am keeping a close look at this flagship smartphone. Heck that’s gonna be a lot faster than my Intel  i5 laptop!



3. Seiko SAGA142 Limited Edition Solar Atomic Watch – This one goes to my ultimate wish list because I love limited edition watches! Seiko’s executive line “Seiko Brightz” will release this 100 year anniversary limited edition solar atomic watch on April 26 in Japan. Only 500 watches will be available, in pearl white and pink gold in color with 7 diamonds on the dial. It comes with original stainless steel band and extra crocodile leather band. It comes of course with a hefty pricetag at 262,500 yen, roughly 110k in Philippine peso.
4. Makielab’s Make Your Own Doll – startup company Makielab is now letting kids design their own dolls and “print” it in 3D format. The company launched their Make Your Own Doll app last week which lets you design your own unique doll with special hair, facial features and custom clothing. You can then have it 3D printed and sent to you at a price that starts around 59 pounds ($88), excluding shipping. The app has seen about 70,000 dolls designed so far in the first week. This reminded me of an episode in The Big Bang Theory  wherein Raj and Howard ordered a customized doll for $500.
5. CDR-King Electric Bike – I knew this is about to happen sooner or later and now it did. CDR-King continues to impress me with their cheap gadgets and now the latest device to add to their arsenal is this electric bike that could easily pass as a scooter. This could be old news to some (as it has apparently been released in November pa), but this was news to me so I had to put it here in my list. It’s completely rechargeable making it environment-friendly and smoke-free. What do you think? 🙂

So there you go! Which device/s impressed you this week?

Have a great Thursday payday geeks! 🙂
  • VE del Rosario


    I would love to own that Seiko SAGA142 Limited Edition Solar Atomic Watch! So expensive… >.<

  • Kat


    yo también.

  • Kmmyp


    me gusta la bicicleta electrica. 😀

  • Ana Georgievska


    Love the Portable Paper Shredder ,great gadget , so handy 🙂

  • Kat Antonio


    Muji has a ton of cool stuff! One of my favorite stores! 🙂

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