Geek vs. Nerd: The Rundown

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A friend of mine commented about my newly posted giveaway and said that he wants to join my contest but cannot answer the question truthfully as he is admittedly a nerd rather than a geek. The remark made me think about the difference between the two and how some people sometimes interchange the two. Anyway, I found this pretty interesting infographic from and I thought I’d share it to you guys.

I don’t associate myself with being a nerd because I am in no way fascinated with academia. Back in my high school and college life, I study because I don’t want to flunk — and not because I ENJOY learning about sine and cosine. And even though I often belong at the top of the class (sorry for bragging a bit, lol), I cut class just like any other average student and have experienced truancy a couple of times. Also, most of my friends are the cool ones (or maybe pa-cool, haha), and not the salutatorians and the valedictorians.

So here’s a rundown on the difference between two. Based on the infographic, do you consider yourself a geek or a nerd? And if you are a self-confessed geek, do you agree that geeks are also hipsters as what’s implied below? (I don’t!)

Geeks vs Nerds


Have a productive Monday geeks and nerds! 🙂

  • VE del Rosario


    I guess I'm a crossbreed of a geek and a nerd. LOL

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