Geek Finds #1

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geek finds
Starting today, I will be having a weekly post featuring some great geek gadgets I found on cyberspace. I am a sucker for all things geeky and cute so part of my daily web browsing routine is to check out cool geek finds. Anyway, here are my this week’s top 5 geeky wish list: (click on the image to go to the store)
1. Like & Dislike Stamps – Isn’t this just neat? I think this is perfect for grade school teachers — it makes grading papers more straight to the point! Facebook’s ‘like’ button with it’s instantly recognisable ‘thumbs-up’ icon has brought out the inner-critic in all of us, but we don’t want this newfound power to be confined to cyberspace! Why open your mouth to share your opinion when you can assert your feelings in ink?! (Source: Genie Gadgets)


2. Finger-shaped Tacks – Creepy as it looks, I actually want this on my office desk. So unique! No bulletin board is ever boring with these kind of thumb tacks! (Source: My Shopify)


3. Waterproof Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 – I’ve been looking for waterproof cases recently because I’m going to the beach soon and this is the best-looking waterproof case that I found. I like it because it kinda looks rugged but still cool enough to bring. Mint green is my favorite color too. I wish they have this for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 though as that’s what I have. (Source: Hokkoh Shop)



4. Transformers USB Drive 8GB – Okay, so this has got to be the coolest usb flash drive I have ever seen. It’s a bit pricey for an 8gb (priced at 1k), but given that it’s an authorized merchandise from Hasbro and is considered a rare collector’s item — I think you’ll get your money’s worth anyway. It unfolds to reveal an inner medallion that has blue LED light when inserted into the computer. So geeky, I love it! (Source: Hokkoh Shop)

5. Travelus Folder – This isn’t really geeky at all but I just got my passport recently and I thought it would be cute to have this with me when I start traveling late this year. I love how it has a lot of pockets for your cash, plane tickets, passport and other important papers for every traveler. For less than 200 bucks this is one heck of a great buy. (Source: Little Emily Shop)
So there you go! Can you tell me which of the items listed would you love to have as well? Let me know what you think!

Happy Tuesday geeks! :p


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