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instituto cervantes

I have been meaning to learn a new language in so long and I’m glad I finally got the time to do it now. I chose Spanish mainly because it is the easiest language to learn (it’s a lot closer to Tagalog) and the school is one ride away from home. One of my professional goals is to become a bilingual speaker and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve that soon!

School of choice: Insituto Cervantes of Manila

Instituto Cervantes is a worldwide non-profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. It is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language and increasing knowledge of culture in Latin-American Countries. At present, Instituto Cervantes has 77 centres in 44 different countries.

Instituto Cervantes’ mission is to promote the teaching, study and use of Spanish as a second language, and to contribute to the advancement of Spanish and Latin-American cultures throughout the world. The library and cultural programs of the centre aim to enhance and provide a clear, global and updated version of Spanish culture. Source
Yesterday was our first day of class and it was so much fun! Sandra, our instructor speaks in plain Spanish throughout the session and being all beginners, you can imagine our faces in complete confusion/amusement trying to figure out what she was saying! Soooooo funny trying to guess the words — we always end up laughing whenever the word is so far from what it really is!

We stayed at the library after class to get our library card and to take photos:

Their wide array of Spanish movies the students can borrow so they can practice their skills:

Reviewing the modules. A lot harder than I thought! “Oh my, what have I gotten myself into.”

With my friend/lifestyle blogger Kim:

Tuition fee varies per module, check out their website for the complete list of courses and fees.

This year is a very career-driven year for me as I aim to finally do the things that I have always wanted to do for years. This is going to be the busiest year for me. I know a lot of risks are coming my way soon but I hope in the end I’ll be able to achieve what I want in my professional life.

What about you? Interested in learning a new language? Share me your short or long-term career goals by hitting the comments below.

PS. All photos courtesy of my fab blogger friend Kim. Check out her site here.

  • Kat


    Hi Love!

    Thanks for checking my blog, I miss you! <3


  • love


    hello dear,
    God bless you and good luck. study harder and who knows one day isa ka na sa mga translator.. 😉

  • Kat


    First class palang yan, I still have a loooooooooong way to go! 🙂

  • chris


    goodluck kat in learning that new language. maybe you can share some usefull words to us. 🙂

  • Marek


    If you are working in a multinational company, sometimes it becomes a compulsion to learn a new language so that you may communicate with the foreign based employees. Do not worry, you can give a start to your language learning mission with the help of Marek.

  • Daniel


    If you succeed in learning Spanish, it will help you to read its literature and feel closer to the rich culture of Spain. Usually, the English speaking people feel at ease with the Spanish language.


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