Top 5 Current Favorite Android Apps

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Ever since I moved from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I can’t get enough how much Android pretty much answers all my needs when it comes to just about everything. And while Blackberry will forever have a special place in my heart (not exaggerating), Android is without a doubt the perfect smartphone for me.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you my current top 5 free Android app finds that you may find fascinating:

1. Adobe Reader
I had to sign a PDF document few weeks ago and I figured why not put my S Pen to good use for the first time — so I tried installing 3rd party apps meant for signing documents. A bunch of them are quite disappointing until I decided to check out Adobe Reader. The description says it can sign documents so I immediately downloaded it and it was the best! I gotta tell you it’s so much easier to edit here than in Acrobat on my PC. Don’t bother installing third party PDF editors and viewers, this one does most of the tasks if not all. An absolute must-have.

2. Quora
I accidentally installed this as it is a featured app in the Play Store and I’m happy that I did. It’s a crowd-sourced knowledge portal on just about anything. After signing up, it will ask you to select categories you’re interested in, and your feed will be full interesting Q&As and trivias about the categories you selected! If you are curious to find out about anything, just post a question and someone will sooner or later debunk the mystery for you.

3. Zodio
Zodio is social location-based search and reviews platform that is focused on Southeast Asia. What differs Zodio from Foursquare is that it is focused on establishment reviews. I love how Zodio gives the term word-of-mouth a whole new meaning; writing reviews real-time for the future customers to see. Not to mention the interface is pretty neat too.

4. Battle Cats
I don’t usually play casual games (casual games are a LOT different from RPG games which I am addicted to, lol) but this one is addicting. The graphics may be simple (iPad users may think that this is a kiddie game), but Battle Cats is a unique kind of tower-defense game. A lot of us at work are hooked to it! Oh, and please help me get the special cat Moneko by entering my Invite Code y36b0 (last digit is zero, not letter O) once you reach level 8!

5. Sync.ME
I tell ya, syncing Facebook friends with phone contacts has never been this easy and complete! All your contacts details, from their latest profile pic, to their birthday, to their website — everything is synched to your device and is updated every once in a while. I like my SMS inbox to show my contact’s picture when they text me so I have this installed so all my phone contacts have pictures on them. Well, except for my dad and a few others who doesn’t have Facebook. Just make sure that your contact’s name and his Facebook name is similar for it to be automatically synced. Otherwise you would have to do it manually.

So there! What about you? What are your current faves? Share it with me please so I can check it out!

Till then,

  • Kat


    I dont think pwede sa kids yung Battle Cats since its a Strategy Game. My nephew's iPad is full of educational apps so you may opt for that instead of games like these. 🙂

  • erika


    what other apps do you recommend na pwedeng ma-enjoy ng preschoolers?pwede ba yang battle cats sa kanila? 🙂

  • chris


    a few of my favorites as well includes

    * flipboard – i can customize this app to contain things or topics I love to read on. its pretty easy to use and also come with a widget for easy access.

    *Viber -this simply connects you to anyone anywhere — around the world that is. I also love skype but in terms of clarity, ill go for this one even without video.

    * Opera mobile – my favorite mobile browser. its the chrome for smartphones and tablets. 🙂

    * phewtick — here in sg this is a total ice breaker. You can also earn money by simply having fun with friends.

  • Kat


    Yeah I have that, useful nga din yan, hehe

  • chris


    try this app too kat, its called evernote. it syncs with your mobile and pc. just my 2cents. 🙂

  • Chris


    Ms Geeky Kat 🙂

    What do you think about the app "SOUNDHOUND"?

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