Weekend Adventure in Enchanting Coron

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My friends and I went to Coron, Palawan for a vacation last weekend and it was truly one of the highlights of my year. To be honest, I am not really a huge fan of beaches because I don’t know how to swim, hehe — but this trip was so much fun because of all the island-hopping that we did!

We stayed at the very beautiful Sunz En Coron Resort which is very serene and beautiful. The only downside of this resort is that signal for Globe network is very low to almost zero. The crew says that only Smart network works in the resort. But other than that, the place (and the crew) is wonderful.

We arrived at the resort around 2pm and we planned on climbing Mt. Tapyas, but it was raining so we decided to just go to Mt. Maquinit Hot Springs to relax and rejuvenate. Entrance fee is P150 per person. I thought it was just as hot as the hot springs in Laguna, boy I was wrong! We were told that Mt. Maquinit Hot Springs is the only saltwater hot spring in the country and I think the heat is around 40-45 degrees Celsius.

Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring

Day 2 of our trip consists of an all-day island tour. It was a day of snorkeling — too bad I don’t have underwater camera to capture the wonderful marine life I saw. We went to Siete Pecados, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon and the Kayangan Lake. The Twin Lagoon is interesting as it is a mixture of saltwater and freshwater. Our diver guide, Matt, explained to us that like oil and water, saltwater and freshwater cannot be mixed therefore you will feel a combination of hot and cold temp as you swim in it.

Behind us is the Twin Lagoon 🙂

Siete Pecados

Barracuda Lake

By the way, it never occurred to me that a “trip to the beach” would include hiking that would make my knees tremble! The trip to Kayangan Lake was freakin’ high. However, all of my reklamos were gone once I saw the paradise that awaits me. Kayangan Lake IS spectacular.

Kayangan Lake

Meet Cyrus, Kayangan Lake’s resident monkey who stole our banana!

We also visited the CYC (Coron Youth Club) Beach, the only free beach in the area. You can’t really swim here because the water is very shallow so all you can do is just walk, play around and take pictures.

This is me proving you all na magaan parin ako. #chos

It was my friend’s birthday so she treated us with a delicious dinner and booze at Kawayanan Grill. We were supposed to go videoke after drinks but the resto is on generator (electricity in Coron is inconsistent) so we went back to the resort and drank there instead.

Just when we’re about to go back to Manila, Cebu Pacific cancelled our flight to due bad weather. They told us that our flight will be rescheduled by Thursday–two days from that day! Also, the airline won’t shoulder hotel accommodations for our extended stay since the cancelled flight was due to bad weather. That would’ve been fine, if we hadn’t found out that flights resumed later that afternoon. GRRR.

Just when we thought we’re going home already.. #not

Anyway, since all of us can’t afford to stay in Coron for another two days (bec we have freakin jobs y’know…) — we decided to book another flight c/o ZestAir. Same day flight costs 20k for all five of us and we don’t have that much cash left so we had no choice but to book for the next day flight, which is a lot cheaper. We went back to town and looked for a cheap room we could stay-in and fortunately, we found a couple of oldies who agreed to let us in their mansion and stay for a night at a very affordable price.

And what did we do for our extended stay in the lovely island of Coron? Drink and play cards. #whatelse

Overall twas a very fun and memorable trip!!!

What about you, have you been to Coron? What’s your favorite spot and why? Share your experience by hitting the comments below!


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