2011: My Year In Polaroids

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I already told myself that I’d skip again the annual review because my year has really been full of mixed emotions. But then, this past few weeks I read tons of year-ender posts that I felt inggit for not having my own. So I thought, maybe I can make one and  highlight the good things that happened to me instead. It’s not much, but it’s still nice to look back on the year that was. I find it nostalgically surprising on how much has changed 12 months ago. Anyway, here it is. Albeit late, my very own 2011 Annual Review: Captured in Polaroids.

  • Jan – Started the year with the christening of my new godson, Zaias. His existence into this world brought so much change to the life of my bestfriend. Our usual drinking sessions now turned into heart-to-heart talks about motherhood, lovelife, career, or life in general. It felt so weird, but in a good way of course.
  • Feb – Celebrated my mom’s birthday with a little gambling spree with the boyfriend, sister and kuya. One of the most simple but fun family bonding we had. Hoping for a repeat this year!

  • March – Ended my fruitful first semester at UPOU. It was tough having to juggle school and full-time work but my classmates/friends made it easier and fun for me.
  • April – I hang out with my friend Ann almost all the time but I rarely get to be with the guys so this little get together is so special for me. I miss my Stream teammates!

  • May – Ended my job in Ingram Micro. The SWAP team of IM Tech Support has got to be the funniest and noisiest team I have ever been in. I’m proud I was able to work with these people. They are smart, funny and wholesome. If y’know what I mean. 🙂
  • June – My new work is one of the best things that happened to me this year. Laidback environment, the best boss, the best teammates, what more can you ask for? I really feel that my relationship with this company will last.

  • July – My girl teammates really helped me a lot in coping with my heartbreak that month so I am very thankful to them. To my girls, especially to Maria and Mheann — thank you!! <3
  • Aug – Highlight of that month was my friend Robb’s birthday. It’s been a while since I partied (it’s always laidback drinking sessions with random people) so I really enjoyed going out once again.

  • Sept – After four years, I finally got the chance to see my ABX team once again! Xenia is leaving for Canada that is why I cannot miss reuniting with them. One of the best get-togethers I had in 2011.
  • Oct – Finally had my virgin hair dyed for the very first time! This is the most drastic change I’ve done to my hair so far. I love being redhead, it made me feel so liberated and confident!

  • Nov – Reunited with Patrick after several months of being apart. We are still working out our issues but so far I am very much happy and in-love. 🙂
  • Dec – My dad got sick this year but I am thankful to God that he is feeling better now. I hope 2012 will be a lot better for him healthwise.

So, there! Again, it’s not much as compared to several people who had a more fruitful year than mine. But looking back, I still feel blessed that I made it to 2012 alive. Annual reviews are something that I try to do habitually because I believe that self-awareness is one of the fundamental things a person needs to have in order to remain driven and motivated in life. It serves as a barometer for me if I am doing well in my life journey. 2011 was kind of a tough year for me, but I intend to make my 2012 awesome no matter what! Are you with me? 🙂

Anyway, how about you — how was your 2011?

  • Kat


    Thank you Tom!! 😀

  • Tom Baker


    Great photos and I am glad your father is doing better.

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